My Lil Familia! *Family Pictures Inside*

We finally took these family pictures back in January of this year. Smh I know. First family pictures ever taken! I didn’t even get maternity photos because I didn’t know how the magic worked with photoshop at the time. lol

Well…Maybe I should say the real reason and probably why it’s taken me so long to even post these! Don’t get me wrong….I love them so much! I am so grateful to my dear friend, Kayla Ervin, for taking them for me. The real reason though, why it took me 6 YEARS to get family photos, deep down I didn’t believe we were a real family. Well maybe we were real but we weren’t whole. No husband, no consistent father in his life, it just never really felt like a complete family to me.


Geez, it sounds so sad when I actually write it out, but it’s the truth. I don’t really mind being honest with how I feel when I finally realize what it is that I really feel because somewhere someone is feeling the same way too. I’ve come up with several excuses over the years…I’m too busy, I’ve gained too much weight, etc etc, but then one day, an excuse came out that really was the rotten truth…

I need a man in our lives to complete our picture.

Now this is the truth about how I felt, but I know that it’s really a lie.

Would I love to have someone that I could share the rest of my life with? Yes. Would I love for my little man to have a great father that is CONSISTENT, and loving, and able to show him how to be the man of God that God has called him to be. Yes of course. Would I like more little additions running around as well. Yes I would. But because that just isn’t the season that God has me in at the moment, does that make my little family any less complete?

No, it doesn’t.

Nowadays, families are built with all types of beautiful assortments. You’ve got single moms and their kids, single dad and his daughter, two parents and 5 kids, stepmom, dad, and hers/his kids(brady bunch style). I mean so many different ways you can put it.


It’s funny, because after years of craziness…Cameron’s dad and I have been on better co-parenting terms and I am able to go down with his family and hang with them as if I’m apart of the family as well. ME! The baby mama (or his child’s mother, which I prefer to call myself lol).

So many families.

So many different ways.

Big and small. Functional and very dysfunctional. Full of two people or filled with 21 (bless those parents with all those kids….can’t do it Jesus! lol). I say all of that to say this, I’m grateful for my little man and for our family of two! Whether its blood connected or relationally connected, a family is a group of two or more people that have unconditional love for each other. They’re always there even if the world turns their back on you. They make you laugh. They make you cry. They make you better and sometimes they drive you CRAZY! At the end of the day though, family will always be family, and for this season…My family is beautiful and whole just the way it is! Maybe one day we’ll become a family of 3 and then maybe 4…and possibly 5…only God knows of the beautiful seasons to come! 🙂

Stay Blessed and don’t forget to check out the rest of our fun family photos below! 🙂




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