Sins Exposed

I’m not really one to talk on the controversial subjects. I’ve been praying for more boldness to speak out for God and I believe it’s being built up slowly but to talk about subjects like politics, homosexuality, my personal sins, etc.…No…not me. My main issue is that I am (or was) a people pleaser. I was bound by people’s opinion of me and just cared way too much! I exalted their opinions over God’s.


I’m getting to a place nowadays where I’m saying “Forget it all! Let’s do this Jesus!” A place of total abandonment and pursuit towards His righteousness. A place of obedience and a pure heart. A place where what you think about me no longer concerns me. Ok, maybe it does a little, BUT I’m pushing to be in that place where even I no longer care how I feel. I was placed here for a specific purpose. God had this BIG PICTURE in mind, he saw a small piece of the puzzle and said, “That is Jaleccia’s piece. That is where her part is going to play in my big plan to save the world.” So how I feel, what I want or think I need doesn’t even matter because either way…God’s plan will prevail.
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21 ESV


Any who..

This post was inspired by the mass shooting at the Florida gay club, Pulse, on June 12, 2016. A SUPER tragic event that was stemmed from hatred.

This disgusting emotion killed 50 people (including the shooter himself) and injured 53 more people. But what I find worse about this whole situation is the hatred never stopped with the death of the shooter.

Major tragedies will always reveal the truth about some people, and I am so sad to see the responses of people who consider themselves “Christians”. Saying things like, “They got what they deserved,” or “I’m just sad he didn’t finish the job.” WHAT???

Guys…this was a PASTOR who said this to his congregation in his sermon! And some of his congregation AGREED! I was just completely baffled seeing this and reading the different articles, browsing through the comments on different posts. And they’re claiming JESUS?! I am so confused! Jesus would NEVER jump on board with that type of nonsense! It’s for this reason that I truly believe so many people are leaving the church.

Instead of healing, we’re hurting.

Instead of bringing in, we’re pushing away.

All because you can see the sin that they choose to involve themselves in. Since their sin is public and all in our face, we shame them. We call them names, we make them feel they are past any point of redemption. We send them to Hell before we even MENTION grace.

Oh, you know that SAME grace that God gave you while YOU were in your SECRET sin. The one that you could do behind closed doors and no one really had to know about it. Those sins you learned how to hide well, while putting on this self-righteous mask and doing all of the “good deeds” a good Christian should do.

Yea…Those sins. All the same to God. He hates them.

He wishes His children wouldn’t involve themselves with sin because He loves us and doesn’t want us to get hurt or walk on that path of destruction that we may be walking on. He wants to spend eternity with us. He wants us for Himself. But is this what is coming out of our mouths? Or are we putting out judgement and condemnation? If so, Body of Christ, WE NEED TO DO BETTER!

My Secret Sin

What was I doing behind closed doors? I was giving up my body to any man that would have me. Any man that showed me a little bit of attention, I was his. This was with worldly men and “saved” men (the armor bearer which makes it worse smh). This was before I gave my life to Christ and after!

Sex.  Lust.

The thorn in my side for years! There would be times I would go to church, and RIGHT AFTERWARDS, meet up with the guy I was with at the time and we would do our thing. I’m doing this all while being active in the church. Praying for people. Helping with the different ministries. Deep in sin, but still giving the appearance of serving Jesus. What makes me different from a homosexual? One is public and one is private. Both are unacceptable to God.

Here’s the kicker. I didn’t say all of this just to shame myself and say leave the homosexuals alone. I’m saying this because God showed me a BEAUTIFUL GRACE when I didn’t deserve it. He showed me grace when I was in the dark and completely oblivious to the fact I was killing myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He showed me grace when I knew of Him, gave my life to Him, and basically worshiped other idols and sinned IN HIS FACE several times.

I was redeemed.

I was delivered out of my mess! He has been PATIENTLY cleaning up my heart daily and turning me more towards Him and away from other things I sought comfort in. He showed me, through my life and my mess, what giving unfailing love looks like so that I could extend it out to others. Who in the world am I to make someone feel they are out of God’s reach and not worth the same grace I was given!?

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.

Romans 3:23 NLT

When it comes down to it. None of us deserve the grace and forgiveness God freely gives to us on a daily. Whether you sin publicly or privately, God doesn’t like any of it. As a Christian, our jobs are to just be lights in the darkness. Shining through the way we live, which should be in REAL love, obedience, and godliness. The world is a dark place, and people can’t see that it’s the enemy whispering these lies to them in the dark. WE as Christians, expose the enemy for who he is, NOT people! It’s time we drop our stones, stop trying to do God’s job, and share with others the grace God gave us and how He wants to do the same for them.

We’re all people.

People that God cares about. Lost souls that God wants to redeem. Remember that when you think about throwing hate at someone that is different than you. Yes, they may be in sin but let’s check ourselves and the things we may be doing that isn’t pleasing to God as well. Let us all humble ourselves, repent, receive His forgiveness, sin no more, and share with the world how much our gracious Father loves us! Which is what we were all called to do in the first place.


Be Blessed Everyone! 🙂




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