Jaleccia Ates is the founder of Supernaturally Shining and co-founder of Fierce Faithful Fabulous. Both ministries are geared towards the empowerment of women to embrace the uniqueness of who they are and to walk boldly in the call that God has for them.

Jaleccia believes that through Christ anything is possible! The whole purpose of this blog is to show you that you can enjoy and glorify God in the midst of all circumstances!  Through the Holy Spirit, we are capable of shining even in the darkest of places, and she hopes she can help you believe that about yourself.

She is a single mother to a handsome little boy! Excluding him, her top 3 loves would be Jesus, coffee, and Disney movies. She loves traveling and being a helping hand to others. Most importantly, she is on the journey of loving herself and discovering the woman that God created her to be, and she is excited that you would love to join her on her wild ride! 🙂



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