Dear 19 Year Old Pregnant Jaleccia

Dear Young Jaleccia,I can see you.I see the tears that you're crying right now. I remember the pain you felt. Betrayed. Rejected. Abandoned. All alone. Someone you trusted dearly planted a seed of life within you and then threw you away as if you were nothing.I remember the uncertainty and fear you felt. You're a … Continue reading Dear 19 Year Old Pregnant Jaleccia

My Lil Familia! *Family Pictures Inside*

We finally took these family pictures back in January of this year. Smh I know. First family pictures ever taken! I didn’t even get maternity photos because I didn’t know how the magic worked with photoshop at the time. lol Well…Maybe I should say the real reason and probably why it’s taken me so long … Continue reading My Lil Familia! *Family Pictures Inside*