He Chose Her.

Listen…I do NOT write poetry lol this is something I don’t really think is my forte, but these words were poetically playing on my mind this morning. I thought I would share the beauty of God’s heart. Enjoy!
He chose her.

The other woman, not you, however you want to put it.

It never gets easy to hear much less to say.

You fell for him and you fell hard but isn’t that the problem anyway?

We don’t fall, we choose.

Love is a choice.

The issue is we try to relieve ourselves of the responsibility of mayyyybbbeee I chose wrong.

We would much rather become the victim,

And sing our sad little song.😢

“God, he hurt me. I trusted him. I put all my hope in him, and he just crushed it! Why does this always happen to me?”

That is a very good question to ask yourself,

Why does this always happen to you?

You put your hope in who you trusted,

In these things and human beings,

No wonder woman you stay so blue.

Although he wasnt THE God, he became a god

And the word says that anything we exalt above God becomes our god.

Because we worship.

It’s the very nature of our beings.

The very reason for creation.

To worship.

And if he grabs my emotions more than God,

If he grabs my sights more than God,

If he grabs my loyalty more than God,

Then he has become my god.

You chose him.

It never gets easy to hear much less to say.

A man who is imperfect and easy to sway.

Over THE Man who WAS and IS perfect and constantly the same.

You chose chaos over peace.

You chose hurt over love.

You chose him over Him,

and the truth is something you have to face.

I’m really not a poet,

I can promise you this.

But it’s something about a broken heart,

That shows life wasn’t really bliss

But more so a crisis.

You know what’s beautiful though?

God chose you.

He said, “You didn’t choose me but I CHOSE you.

In your mess,

When your back was turned,

When your hope was in someone else.

When you were lost,

When they turned their backs,

When you realized all hope should be in Me.

I knew,

From the beginning of time,

Before woven in the womb,

You were special to Me.”

She was broken, yes.

She had no idea how to love the unseen.

But she had learned of a well that never ran dry,

And that through Him was the woman she was meant to be.

You see, its a pretty tangled love story.

One with all types of twists and turns.

But this broken woman has now become whole,

All because, He chose her.

I know it hurt. But I believe my God is faithful and so intentional. There is purpose for all of your pain. Trust that He will trade all of your ashes for beauty and restore to you all that He has wanted to bless you with. Life isn’t over. It’s only just begun love!

Be Blessed and Continue To Shine,



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