Embracing The Storm

2015 has definitely been a hard year. I’ve had more downs than ups. More tears than joy. Mores fails than successes. Several times throughout this year, I thought I had been abandoned by God. That He really didn’t care about the situations I was in, or that I was just being a big baby and needed to suck it up. A lot of things were stripped from me, relationships were broken, and my whole thought process was just MESSED UP. I didn’t really know who in the world I was anymore, or what in the world I believed in.

I believe though as the year is winding up and I’m about to step into a new year in the name of Jesus, that when I got out of my feelings and consciously tried to look at 2015 through God’s eyes, His perspective of things was a lot different than mine. His hand has been working this whole time, changing me, molding me, shaping me, and preparing me for His purpose for my life.

Of course, in the middle of the storms, I couldn’t really see that. My vision was blurred by my limitations and my circumstances, but this is where faith should’ve stepped in. My faith was hanging on by a string though. I wasn’t prepared for this intense reconstruction process that God has taken me through. I knew it was coming because I know that there is a big calling on my life, I just didn’t know when, nor did I act like I was expecting it anytime soon.

I needed my mind renewed. I needed to undergo physical changes, spiritual changes, and emotional changes. Some healing and restoration needed to take place. I needed to be humbled to a place where I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I can do NOTHING without God, but I can do EVERYTHING through Him! Total dependence on Him was the place that I needed to be. I see that now, and we’re still in the process of getting there. Change hurts though! Getting rid of bad habits and nasty thinking. Having to get used to being uncomfortable when really all you want to be is comfortable. It’s not the greatest process that I’ve ever been through, but I know the reward in the end will be all worth it.

So, what have I learned in this humbling, butt kicking process?  Well…I’m going to share a few things…

Prepare Ahead of Time: Building Your Faith

“Be Prepared…the meaning of this motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.” – Robert Baden-Powell

 Why wait for the storm to get here before we start thinking about what is going to cover us and keep us during these storms or times of change. The time to get ready is now! Here is a little tip that I’m doing.

  • Make A List of all of your doubts, fears, negative thoughts, or anything that comes against what God has promised you! Once you’ve done that, write out a scripture next to it that counteracts that! Memorize it!

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” – Psalm 119:11

 Having these scriptures memorized will have you good and ready, so when you get hit with a particular circumstance…BAM! Sliced it with the Sword (word of God). You’ll already know what He says about your situation, you’ll know that He’s got you and BOOM! You’re good! (Like my action words lol)!

Also continuous communication with God! The word says to “pray without ceasing” ( 1 Thess 5:17). We should stop limiting God to only 5 or 10 minutes a day. It is definitely good to have some sort of communication with Him, we have to start somewhere of course! But just like in any regular relationship, you wouldn’t want to only hear from your boyfriend/girlfriend only once a day would you? When we (I say “we” like I have someone haha sorry..that made me laugh..ok I’m back) don’t hear from a significant other, we start to miss them and long to hear from them again. That is exactly how God feels about us. He is always speaking and moving, and giving instruction, but He’s waiting to hear from His beloved! Talk to Him throughout the day, share your thoughts with Him, tell Him something funny that just happened…God loves it when we just TALK to Him. It doesn’t have to be this long, drawn out “How art Thou?” prayer, it’s just talking, and expressing. Communication builds relationships, and an established relationship with Christ is what will help us through our storms.

Embrace It!

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”

Life is going to happen. Nine times out of ten, the circumstances that we are facing today are just lessons God’s sent our way to help us grow and become who He has created us to be. You could fight against, hate it, kick it, scream at it, etc, etc, but that’s not going to stop it from happening. All it’s going to do is make you feel exhausted! STOP IT! EMBRACE IT! Ask God, “What are you trying to teach me in this situation?” “Where are the opportunities in this situation?” Like I said before, GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING! What you’re going through has not caught Him by surprise.

God said, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God knows where you are, and He knows where you’re going. Sometimes we just have to stop fighting and just let it happen. Rest and let the wave come over you and trust that God WILL NOT let you drown! It seems like it, I know, like you are drowning and can’t breathe. Like life is going to take you out! It’s not. It’ll pass. Not only will it pass, but you’ll rise up out of the situation better than you were before! Trust that God knows, and that He cares enough for you to keep you!

“Cast all of your worries on Him, because He cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

Situations and Problems Never Change, Only You Do!

Even if I were to win the lottery, pay off all of my debt, put enough in savings to last me for forever, life would still happen in some way, shape, or form. There is always going to be some type of challenge that comes our way that will need a solution. The best part about the change that God put you through is that now you know the simple solution to every problem, JESUS! You’ve built up your faith, deepened your relationship with God, and learned to totally depend on Him, so now the rest is easy! Soon, you’ll see that certain situations that had you completely overwhelmed, can’t even touch the peace that you have now! Why? Because you TRUST GOD! You know that He is crazy about you and wants only the best for you! His promises are bursting like springs out of your heart, and you’re full of joy even in the most chaotic moments! WOW! Awesome right?

Is anything that I just told you super easy to do? I won’t lie and say that it is. It’s uncomfortable sometimes and awkward, especially in the beginning because you’re going against what you’re used to! Keep doing it though! Keep pushing towards Jesus! Push back the lies, the negative people, the uncomfortable feelings, and get to the hem of His garment like the woman with the issue of blood. She pushed her way through the crowd just so she can touch something of Jesus, and it was her FAITH that made her whole! Ahh beautiful!

If you’re going through something, God is going to get you through it and I believe that WHOLEHEARTEDLY! I’m in this with you. Trying to die daily to myself and become more alive in Christ! It’s tough, but worth it. I thank God for His peace that covers us as we walk these journeys together! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime you want to talk or pray! Team work makes the dream work and we’re going to experience heaven on earth TODAY, TOGETHER!


Love you! 🙂


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