Dear 19 Year Old Pregnant Jaleccia

Dear Young Jaleccia,I can see you.I see the tears that you're crying right now. I remember the pain you felt. Betrayed. Rejected. Abandoned. All alone. Someone you trusted dearly planted a seed of life within you and then threw you away as if you were nothing.I remember the uncertainty and fear you felt. You're a … Continue reading Dear 19 Year Old Pregnant Jaleccia

Single Moms: He Hears You

There are times when life can get really rough, especially for the single mom. It's hard to hear "Don't worry", when honestly thats ALL WE DO! lol How do you not worry when you have a whole other human being (or a couple) to care for? How do you not worry when you have to … Continue reading Single Moms: He Hears You


Today is Monday. My rent is due in 3 days and as of right now I don't have it. My parents are leaving in 2 days and I have weddings and photos shoots on Saturday and Sunday every weekend this month, and I need to find a willing baby sitter that I'll more than likely … Continue reading Joy