Dear 19 Year Old Pregnant Jaleccia

Dear Young Jaleccia,

I can see you.

I see the tears that you’re crying right now. I remember the pain you felt. Betrayed. Rejected. Abandoned. All alone. Someone you trusted dearly planted a seed of life within you and then threw you away as if you were nothing.

I remember the uncertainty and fear you felt. You’re a baby having a baby, and as much as abortion would’ve seemed like a better option, the option just couldn’t be for you.

Now you’re asking yourself,

“But how God? How am I going to raise another human being by myself? What is going to become of me? I had dreams. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to do something. I don’t even know what or who that is but the chance of that even happening has shattered now. I’m nobody. I’m nothing.”

God says,

As I’m with you here today, catching these precious tears that mean so much to Me; I am also in your tomorrow, weaving together a beautiful future for you. You think a seed of failure was planted, but what you will soon find out is that I, your loving Father, actually planted a seed of purpose within you. Yes, the consequences of some choices you made are hurting, but I knew, and I have already worked it out.”

Dear sweet child,

What you don’t know nor understand right now is, God is going to use the very hurt you have right now to heal others. It was more than a human being planted inside of you. There was purpose. Purpose to change nations. Purpose to heal hearts. You don’t know this part yet, but purpose also to raise a man of God after His own heart to change nations as well. Through the years, God is going to heal you and mend you as soon as you allow Him to. You will soon know Him as the faithful lover and best friend you’ve always dreamed of having. You will cross paths with many people who need your brokenness that you feel right now in the moment. God is going to use THESE tears that you’re crying right now, to grow many gardens in hearts that feel barren and dry. I know it hurts beautiful. And it will hurt for awhile. But you will grow stronger. You will push through. That little seed of life will be one of the best things that ever happened to you! I promise.

So don’t be afraid dear one.

God loves you so much and He will never let you fall! He cares about you and He needs you. You feel like a nobody, but you are definitely somebody to Him! Somebody special who is loved, wanted, and accepted.

Over time, you’ll see.

I love you and know that I’m proud of you and who you have blossomed into today!




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