You Are Valuable!

You know when you go car shopping and you see this really awesome car and you’re like, “Omg!! I want that one right there! Its perfect! It has all the features I want, it fits me, that car is mine!” This car could be spankin’ brand new  but the moment you drive it off the lot what happens? It no longer worth what you paid for it. It starts to lose its value.

*Side Note* It is never smart to buy a brand new car. NEVER! If you don’t really care about this, then by all means, go for it….but it makes no sense to invest so much money into something that depreciates in value! Save money and look into a nice USED vehicle!

Anywho…Vent over, back to the post lol

This is COMPLETELY opposite with Jesus. Jesus is like “Wow Father! I want her! Shes perfect! She has everything I need for her to fulfill My purpose!”

The Difference

The moment Jesus bought you (on the cross by the shedding of His blood. THANK YOU JESUS! 🙂 ), you were already valuable to Him! Perfect for purpose! When he pulled you out of the darkness to walk with Him, you INCREASED in value.  Every moment you surrender yourself to Him and allow Him to work in you, God is adding value to you.

Kind of like a newly renovated house.

Before, it was run down by the many families that have been in it, worn down because of bad weather, storms, it became out-dated….

But then someone comes along and sees the value in a house and the potential it has. They buy it and start to work on it! My dad is one of those people! You will see an old, beat down house that needs to be burned down, but HE SEES a beautiful mansion in the making! He’ll start to gut out that old kitchen and replace with all new appliances and cabinets (adding value), pull up that old carpet and replace with new hardwood floors (adding value). <<<Which I helped in, may I add! lol>>>He knows what people need in the home and what the trends are that people find value in, so he replaces the old with the new to tend to the needs of people.

God does this too!

After Jesus bought us with His perfect life, and we accepted Him in our lives, He was now able to come through and restore us. Replace the old with the new. He knows what the people need around the world, your world, and he has equipped you and changed you to tend to the needs of His people and saves lives!

LoveYou are valuable!

Especially to Him! 🙂

“Who can find a virtuous and capable woman? She is more precious than rubies.” -Proverbs 31:10


Stay Blessed!!



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