Resembling Lemonade

No this isn’t about Beyonce lol, although I guess it has the same concept. This is actually inspired by my new favorite show, “This Is Us”. Listen….if you haven’t watched this show, you DEFINITELY need to! Now, I will warn you, I will be spilling out a major *SPOILER ALERT* to make my point. So if you need to, I give you permission to go watch the first episode on HULU first and then come back and read this post. If you don’t care either way lol, well…I just wanted to give you a chance. lol

Anyways, in the first episode, Jack and Rebecca are pregnant with triplets. Her water breaks and they go to the hospital. They are about 6 weeks early, but that’s pretty normal with having more than one baby. They were kind of freaking out, but the doctor that was to help them comforted them, and let them know he was going to do his absolute best in delivering three healthy babies. Unfortunately, (this is where the spoiler starts…..end now and come back! lol I warned you….ok carry on) the third baby didn’t make it. There’s a scene where the doctor was telling Jack the bad news, and he sat down with him to comfort him.

Now we hear, “turn your lemons to lemonade” all the time. A really great quote. Taking the positive out of the negative. Making the best of it! But I love the way the doctor quoted it in the show.

“You TOOK the sourest lemon that life has to offer and TURNED IT into something RESEMBLING lemonade. If you can do that, then maybe you will still be taking three babies home from this hospital, just maybe not the way you planned.”

A baby was brought there that day from being abandoned at a firehouse and they adopted him that day and still went home with three babies.

SUPER great show! 

Anywho, my point. lol I love the way this is quoted so much because he is basically saying that you have to embrace what life gives you, and make it into something that isn’t quite what you expected but something that will work for you and still be just as sweet! Everyone is going through a process. Life deals us some super sour lemons sometimes, but those lemons are just the ingredients for the sweet things that are going to fully manifest in your life. We all want the sweet taste of lemonade, yes, especially after walking through that “hot process” or wilderness that we’ve walked through, but that lemonade may not be what you get. 

BUT…take this into consideration… 

You still have:

  • The lemons (circumstances)
  • The sugar (The word of God) – How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey. Psalm 119:103
  • The water (Hope in Jesus) – Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” John 7:38
  • And any extra sweet goodness like blueberries or peaches that God blesses you with (the positives out of each circumstance)

You have to embrace what you have, mix it all in the big pitcher of life, and what you’ll find is that you have something MUCH BETTER than lemonade. You have a unique, hand made by God life catered just to you and unlike anyone else’s.

How sweet is that? 🙂


Love you all bunches! 

Keep Shining! 



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