Turning The Other Cheek: Walking In Forgiveness

A couple of years ago on fourth of July, I remember sitting in my room just scrolling down my facebook timeline checking out every one else’s life. You know how that goes. lol As I was browsing through, I saw some pictures posted from my son’s uncle. They had visited Florida to go see my … Continue reading Turning The Other Cheek: Walking In Forgiveness

Embracing The Storm

2015 has definitely been a hard year. I’ve had more downs than ups. More tears than joy. Mores fails than successes. Several times throughout this year, I thought I had been abandoned by God. That He really didn’t care about the situations I was in, or that I was just being a big baby and … Continue reading Embracing The Storm


Today is Monday. My rent is due in 3 days and as of right now I don't have it. My parents are leaving in 2 days and I have weddings and photos shoots on Saturday and Sunday every weekend this month, and I need to find a willing baby sitter that I'll more than likely … Continue reading Joy